by Disrupt Gaming | May 03, 2020

Watch Video Announcement Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2nE7WIqyqU


Disrupt Nation,


Today is a very special day.


Today we announce our participation in the Rainbow Six Siege US Division.


For 2 years we have strived to compete in Rainbow Six at the highest level.


During this time we have:


  • Created 300 long form pieces of Siege related content
  • Financially supported 100+ people in the community
  • Supported a Challenger League roster for 4 seasons.


Some of the most popular names in Siege have passed through our ranks.


    I cannot fully express our gratitude to all of them PLUS our current players, creators, staff, investors, and our corporate partner Thermaltake. Without them, we simply wouldn’t have the opportunity we have before us today.

    We are fully aware of the view of some in the community that we do not deserve this opportunity. To add some context to the situation: At the time we were invited to this new league, we were to be the 10th team. At this time, there was no reason to NOT believe that all existing PL players would either continue with their current organization or quickly find a new home (4+ months to do so).  We made a strong commitment to a team that met our criteria.  Other organizations wavered in their desire to compete in this new league. We never did.

    It is extremely unfortunate the way events transpired for the players in this situation. All I can say to that is: keep your head up and keep moving forward. Forces outside of your control are part of life, and we have been dealing with them ourselves for 2 years, so we abide by that credo ourselves. The cream doesn’t just rise to the top once. It continually rises over time.

    To the community, we are not in this new league INSTEAD of these teams. We were an addition. It wasn’t until later that teams dropped out.

    At Disrupt Gaming, our goal and passion is to deliver top notch entertainment through our various mediums. We are extremely excited to put our heads down and deliver an experience to the R6 community that is unmatched. Our competitive team (to be announced at a later date) has been putting in non-stop work to make our fan base proud. Our content team and staff have already begun preparations to deliver exciting stories about our new team’s wins, losses, and lifestyle.

    Next, I want to personally thank the community. Those of you who interact with our content, watch our videos, or follow us in any way are a huge huge part of why we were selected by Ubisoft to participate. For that, we cannot thank you enough. Because of that, you have a GUARANTEE that we’ll be putting 100% effort into building a winning and highly entertaining organization.

    Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank our friends at Ubisoft. It cannot be understated that Ubisoft as a company has no mandate to run an esports league, no mandate to build a community around competitive Siege, and truthfully, no mandate to do anything other than run a successful company. We as a community are fortunate we get to participate in an esport that has a consistent track record of bringing up new talent, and consistently searches out ways to build a sustainable ecosystem. We chose Siege as our primary game and I don’t think we could have made a better selection.

    We are proud to participate in this new league and can’t wait to get started.


    Much Love,



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