About Us

Disrupt Gaming is synonymous with persistence and excellence. Founded in March of 2018, we have established a strong presence in both Rainbow Six: Siege and the Fighting Game Community. 

We are a high-energy team located across the world with members across the United States, Canada, UK, and Italy. Whether it’s on Twitch, YouTube, social media, or live tournaments our passionate fans are always along for the ride.


  • Mark "cashflo" flood

    Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

    Mark is an operations expert who specializes in maximizing productivity. He has been a gamer since 1988 and been involved on the business side of the industry since 2015 with an acquisition occurring in 2017. He is a self taught coder and videographer and brings these skills to the table to drive results for Disrupt Gaming and it’s partners. With experience in early stage startups (GamerWall) and scaled companies (Yodle) Mark’s diverse background gives him a large experience pool from which to draw.

  • Cliff "Tens" Waters

    Co-founder/Chief Legal Officer

    Cliff is 33 years old, was born and raised in Dallas,TX, and is a lifelong gamer. Shortly after college, he began working with Oil and Gas behemoth Energy Transfer Partners for over 9 years. In March of 2017, Cliff resigned his position at ETP to join GamerWall full time as the Chief Growth Officer, helping lead the management to acquisition in October of 2017. Cliff is an entrepreneur, a father, and a business professional whose main focus is establishing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships for Disrupt and its partners.


    General Manager

    Austin is an avid gamer that fell in love with esports in 2014. He is from Alachua, a small town in Florida. He quickly realized that the business side of gaming interested him the most. “My time with Disrupt has been nothing short of great and a very informative time of my life. I look forward to continuing my knowledge and developing my skills alongside Cliff and Mark.”