• Zach "Nyx" Thomas


    Nyx made the leap from the T3 scene directly to Pro League in Season 8. Since then he's a been a consistent force in Rainbow Six Siege's highest league.

  • Aaron "Shuttle" Duggar

    2nd Entry/Flex

    Shuttle was large factor in Rogue winning the 2018 US National Championship. After the Rogue roster split apart, Aaron went back to work and came out of the CL qualifiers as one of the top players amongst over 100 competing teams.

  • Alex "Retro" Lloyd


    Retro has one of the most impressive track records in Rainbow Six Siege. Pro League finals, a Dreamhack Championship, and back to back Invitational appearances...what more do you need?

  • Read "The Headshot Machine" Adams

    Secondary Support

    Read has made one of the fastest ascents into top tier Siege. After signing with Disrupt Gaming in Spring of 2019 for 2 seasons, Read was called up to Pro League with eUnited. He performed well and proved he was T1 material. Considered one of the top up and coming support players in the world.

  • Nick "NJR" Rapier


    NJR is the newest addition to the Disrupt squad. At only 18 years old he has become one of the top entry fraggers in the world.